Playlist – 26 November 2009

Artist Track Album Label Year
Etta James Gotta serve somebody Matriarch of the Blues Sony Music 2000
Cactus Evil Cactus Rhino Records / Atlantic Records 1970
The Answer Demon Eyes Demon Eyes Albert Records 2009
Juicy Lucy Who do you love ? Anthology Sanctuary Records 1969
Ozzy Osbourne Over the mountain Diary of a madman Epic Records / Sony Music 1981
Bachman Turner Overdrive Not fragile Not fragile Universal Music 1973
Son of a Thousand Blues Last days on earth Son of a Thousand Blues Universal Music 2009
Clutch Motherless child Strange cousins from the West Weathermaker Records 2009
Burning Tree Fly away Burning Tree Epic Records / Sony Music 1998
Grand Funk Railroad Flight of the Phoenix Phoenix Capitol Records / EMI Music 1972
Alice Cooper Halo of flies Killer Warner Bros / Gallo Music 1971
Babe Ruth The Mexican First Base Harvest Records / EMI Music 1973
Rabbitt Savage Boys will be boys Fresh Music 1975
Budgie Who do you want for your love? Bandolier MCA Records / Universal Music 1975
Led Zeppelin Since I been loving you Led Zeppelin III Atlantic Records / Gallo Music 1970
Cold Blood I just wanna make love to you Cold Blood Atlantic Records / Gallo Music 1970
Mandrill Mandrill Mandrill Polydor Records / Universal Music 1971
Bad Company Bad Company Bad Company Swan Song / Gallo Music 1974
Fleetwood Mac Black Magic Woman Greatest Hits Columbia Records / Sony Music 1968
Genesis Dance on a volcano A trick of the tail Charisma Records / EMI Music 1976
Gravy Train Ballad of a peaceful man Ballad of a peaceful man Vertigo Records 1971
Beggars Opera McArthur Park Pathfinder Vertigo Records 1972
Edgar Winter’s White Trash Give it everything you got Edgar Winter’s White Trash Epic Records / Sony Music 1976
Altered State Strong as I am Dos Warner Bros / Gallo Music 1993
Joe Walsh Life’s been good ..But seriously folks MCA Records / Universal Music 1978
Falling Mirror Highway Blues The Storming of the Loft Fresh Music 1980
Blackfoot Highway Song Strikes Rhino Records / Atlantic Records 1979
Blue Murder When I hear the rain Blue Murder McCully Music 2004
Concrete Blonde Rain Mexican Moon Capitol Records / EMI Music 1993
Nick Drake Northern Sky Bryter Layter Island Records / Universal Music 1970
Farryl Purkiss Kissing devils on the cheek Fruitbats & Crows Sheer Music 2009
Patto Magic Door Hold your fire Repertoire Records 1971

Playlist – 22nd October 2009

Artist Track Album Label Year
Paul Gilbert & Jimi Kidd Good Foot Raw Blues Power Blues Bureau Records 2002
Clutch Witchdoctor Strange cousins from the West Weathermaker Records 2009
The Stone Gods I’m with the band Silver spoons & broken bones Classic Rock 2008
Heaven & Hell Bible Black The devil you know Roadrunner Records / DGR 2009
Green Day East Jesus Nowhere 21st Century Breakdown Warner Bros / Gallo Music 2009
Greatest Show on Earth Borderline The Going’s Easy Harvest Records / EMI Music 1970
White Witch Slick Witch A spiritual greeting Capricorn Records 1974
Trapeze Way back to the bone You are the music – we’re just the band Threshold Records 1972
Blue Oyster Cult The Red and the Black Tyranny & Mutation Columbia Records / Sony Music 1973
Bloodrock Lucky in the morning Bloodrock 2 Capitol Records / EMI Music 1971
Edgar Broughton Band Love in the rain Wasa Wasa Harvest Records / EMI Music 1969
Band of Gypsies Machine Gun Band of Gypsies MCA Records 1970
ZZ Top Thunderbird Fandango! Warner Bros / Gallo Music 1975
Whitesnake Still of the night Best of Whitesnake EMI Music 1987
Manfred Mann’s Earthband Blinded by the light Greatest Hits Sony Music 1977
Jethro Tull Hunt by numbers J Tull Dot.Com Papillion Records 1999
Styx Lords of the ring Pieces of eight A&M Records / Universal Music 1978
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Knife Edge Emerson, Lake & Palmer Sanctuary Music 1970
Golden Earring Radar Love Moontan MCA Records 1974
Thin Lizzy Jailbreak Jailbreak Vertigo Records / Universal Music 1976
The Cars Just what I needed The Cars Elektra Records / Gallo Music 1978
The Scorpions Rock you like a hurricane Love at first sting EMI Music 1984
Keef Hartley Band Theme Song/En Route Overdog Decca Records / Universal Music 1971
Diablo Swing Orchestra Balrog Boogie Wired Classic Rock 2008
Assagai Telephone girl Slowly from the South Fresh Music 1971
Johnny Winter Illustrated man Let me in Pointblank Records 1991
Leslie West I woke up this morning Blue Me Blues Bureau Records 2006
Lucinda Williams Hard Times Killing Floor Blues The soul of a man Columbia Records / Sony Music 2003
Pavlov’s Dog Song dance Pampered Menial Columbia Records / Sony Music 1977
Guns N’ Roses Knocking on heaven’s door Greatest Hits Universal Music 1990
Kevin Gilbert When you give your love to me Thud PRA Records 1994
The Blue Nile Soul Boy High Sanctuary Music 2004

Rock Of Ages Newsletter October 2009

Greetings rock lovers,

Welcome to the October edition of the Rock of Ages newsletter. Some of you may not know that the show has moved to a Thursday night between 7-10pm on UJFM (95.4FM in Joburg only) , you can also hear it online at so tune in. I have had many emails from fans who are frustrated that they can’t pick the show up in other parts of the country and I understand this. I also share their anger that there are no dedicated rock stations, but until such time as the radio powers-that-be stop playing political games with the airwaves and the cultural Nazi’s stop insisting that everything must be either R&B, Kwaito, jazz or, as they like to call it ,’representative of the people’ then we have to make do with what is available to us. I’m enjoying being on UJFM and I hope that in time they will gravitate to the DSTV audio channels so that more of you can access the show. Following on from my earlier comment, I want to dispel the notion that rock is the exclusive domain of white fans only, that’s a bunch of bull – I get many calls and emails from black rock fans, young and old, who enjoy the music on the show and that is very encouraging….you can do your bit for Rock of Ages by telling everyone that you know that the show is on the air every Thursday –  you can also help rock radio in general by supporting other worthy rock shows on the air…my long time friend and rock cohort, Barney Simon, can be heard on Jacaranda FM, Thursdays 9-12am, and the Doctor of rock radio, Chris Prior, is still broadcasting on 1485 AM Radio Today. Let’s not forget the new kids on the block “Rock Out Radio” who are doing an amazing job online. By the way you can still access details of ROA on the show at .

In this week’s newsletter I’ll be reviewing some great new rock releases, it’s been a stellar year for rock so far and there is a lot of exciting music out there waiting for you to discover, both known and unknown. Plus some rock news, upcoming gigs, rock birthdays and much more.

Rock of Ages recommends……

If there ever was a topic that gets rock fans fired up and argumentative it’s the subject of ‘who is the greatest guitarist of all time’. In many polls across the world, Jimi comes up trumps and let’s all agree (well maybe-Ed) that he certainly revolutionised rock guitar playing and can be considered the greatest of all time. ..but who is the greatest ‘living’ guitarist??? My bet is firmly on Jeff Beck and listening to his new album and DVD , “Performing this week-live at Ronnie Scott`s***** (Next Music) merely confirms that- Jeff’s playing crosses all genres..blues, rock, jazz, fusion, Asian, Arabic. He is flashy, sensitive, bombastic, emotional and just sheer genius. Listen to “Angel (Footsteps)” , “Cause we’ve ended as lovers” , “Nadia” or his aching instrumental version of “A day in the life” –you’ll get what I mean!….As many of you know I am a long term fan of British progressive rock band, Porcupine Tree and have featured them consistently on the show. Their “Deadwing” album, which deservedly won Album of the Year when it was released, is among my favourite records of all time. After the release of the band`s last album “Fear of a silent planet” one would have thought that Steven Wilson would have rested on his considerable laurels –no chance ! Not only has he released a fantastic solo album “Insurgentes**** (K Scope) but also a brand new PT album “The Incident” ****(Roadrunner/ David Gresham Records). Both are most definitely worth investing in –the solo album is more edgier prog, jagged and gentle in equal doses and similar in feel to a latter day King Crimson .These are songs that Wilson felt didn’t fit with PT, standout tracks include the Floyd-ish “Veneno par las hadas” and “No twilight within the courts of the sun” with it`s angular bass line and dissonant jerky guitars . The album comes as a double disc set with a standard stereo disc as well as a DTS 5.1 24 bit edition…..Porcupine Tree`s “The Incident” on the other hand is the kind of post progressive music that the band are famous for and is a worthy addition to the PT catalogue. It`s the kind of album that bears repeated playing in order to hear all the nuances and there are so many standout tracks that it becomes difficult to pinpoint all of them. However “I drive the hearse” , “The Blind House” ,”Kneel and disconnect” and the 12 minute epic “Time flies” are highly recommended….I have been a fan of bassist/singer Glenn Hughes since his early days fronting Trapeze as well as his work with Deep Purple MK 3. He has had a bit of a patchy solo career over the last 2 decades but made a huge comeback with “Music for the divine” a couple of years ago. Sadly however his new album “ First Underground Nuclear Kitchen** (Frontiers Records) is a bit of a let down : dispensing with long time guitarist JJ Marsh who brought an edge to his more recent material ,Glenn seems to have converted himself into a rock version of Stevie Wonder. With a couple of exceptions the songs are mostly funky rock workouts with little in the way of memorable riffs or ideas. I still think that Glenn Hughes is one of the best rock singers around but he does his reputation no justice with this album…..I`m an unashamed champion of Polish band Riverside. I have continually played them on the show over the past five years and if the many emails and letters are to be believed they have gained scores of new South African fans. There is something about Mariusz Duda`s sublime vocals and the achingly powerful guitar work of Piotr Grudzinski that really resonate with me, in my opinion they are as important to modern progressive rock as Pink Floyd were to the genre in years gone by. With each album they have grown in stature and maturity and never failed to disappoint. Their new album “Anno Domini” ***** (SPV /Inside Out) is no different ; 5 lengthy tracks of amazing music-intense, heartfelt, complex, aggressive, gentle and above all –challenging…don’t miss this !

For those about to rock…we give you news !


Ozzy Osbourne was joined onstage on August 22 by nine-year-old guitar prodigy Yuto Miyazawa for the song ‘Crazy Train’. The youngest professional guitarist in the world – according to the Guinness Book Of Records – Miyazawa guested Ozzy onstage for the last show at this year’s BlizzCon, at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. Miyazawa joined Ozzy and the rest of his current group guitarist Gus G., drummer Tommy Clufeto s, bassist Rob ‘Blasko’ Nicholson and keyboard player Adam Wakeman. Footage of this is at


The Sex Pistols are threatening to sue an ice cream company, who are selling a product called The Sex Pistol. The company, Icrecreamists, have a stall in Selfridges, and are using the tag line ‘God Save The Cream’ to advertise their product, over a picture of the Queen, with a snippet of the national anthem being played on guitar! They say their ice cream is, “More Sid & Nancy than Ben & Jerry”, as includes a shot of absinthe! The band want Icecreamists to stop using the strapline and image, and are also demanding damages for what alleged copyright infringement.


A trial in Alberta, Canada has been postponed, because one of the defence lawyers has tickets to see AC/DC. The trial of Joshua M. MacInnis, charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle and failure to provide a breath sample, was supposed to start on August 27. But Kevin Gubbins asked for the postponement, because his partner Christian Banks is going to see ‘DC. And Judge Morris Golden agreed to adjourn the case until December 15.


Blue Cheer’s Dickie Peterson has died at the age of 61. He’s been battling prostate and lung cancer for some while, and is said to have died after undergoing surgery, during which he contracted a fatal virus. The bassist/vocalist is one of the most important figures in the history of heavy rock. We send condolences to his family, bandmates and friends.


Guns n’ Roses have issued a statement, denying allegations that they infringed the copyright of German electronic artist Ulrich Schnausse. Both Independiente Records and Domino Recordings are suing GNR, claiming that the song ‘Riad N’ The Bedouins’ (from ‘Chinese Democracy’) used extracts from a couple of songs from Schnausse. Guns n’ Roses response, via manager Irving Azoff, is: “The band believed when the record came out and still believes that there are no unauthorized samples on the track. The snippets of ‘ambient noise’ in question were provided by a member of the album’s production team who has assured us that these few seconds of sound were obtained legitimately. Artists these days can’t read the minds of those they collaborate with and therefore are unfortunately vulnerable to claims like this one. While the band resents the implication that they would ever use another artist’s work improperly and are as sessing possible counterclaims, they are confident this situation will be satisfactorily resolved.”


Wal-Mart stores in America are to go Kiss krazy from October 6. That’s the day the band’s new album, Sonic Boom, will be released exclusively through Wal-Mart in the States. Apart from the CD/DVD, fans will also be able to buy Kiss Mr Potatohead collectables, T-shirts, fleece blanketsmake-up kits, wigs, masks, special M&M packets and the band’s back catalogue. These items will be located in specially constructed Kiss Korners in each store. And more `have they no shame`…Kiss are developing a Cirque du Soleil style show for Las Vegas. To be called ‘Kiss: Carnival Of Souls’, the big budget production (said to cost between $40-50 million) has been conceived by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons together with Los Angeles comic book publishers Radical Publishing and its sister company in Singapore, Storm Lion.


The reunited Mr Big are to release a live CD/DVD called Back To Budokan on October 19. Vocalist Eric Martin, guitarist Paul Gilbert, bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Pat Torpey filmed and recorded this double CD and double disc DVD package on June 20, at the famed Budokan in Tokyo. The band have also added two new studio songs: a cover of Argent’s ‘Hold Your Head Up’ plus their own ‘Next Time Around’. There’s also an acoustic version of ‘To Be With You’.


A Kurt Cobain playable character is now available on ‘Guitar Hero 5’. Fans can now become Cobain for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and a live version of ‘Lithium’, the latter from Nirvana’s 1992 performance at the Reading Festival. More Kurt – A plaque put up to honour the late Kurt Cobain in his home town of Aberdeen, Washington. This has been placed under a bridge where he used to compose music. This features a number of quotes from the man. One of these – “Drugs are bad for you, they will f**k you up” – has caused controversy, with the town’s mayor Bill Simpson objecting to the use of the ‘F’ word.More Cobain…Courtney Love is threatening to sue over the use of a Kurt Cobain character in Guitar Hero 5. She claims the game’s manufactuers, Activision, don’t have permission to use his image. The company insist they do. In the meantime, Cobain’s former Nirvana bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic have issued official statement expressing their dismay at the fact Cobain is part of the game..


Alice Cooper is the latest singer to confirm he guests on the debut solo album from Slash. Ozzy Osbourne, Chris Cornell, Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) and M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold) also sing on the record, which has been produced by Eric Valentine. Much of the as-yet untitled album has been recorded by Slash with drummer Josh Freese and bassist Chris Chaney. There are also guest slots from Flea and Steven Adler.


Pete Townshend is writing a new musical. Titled ‘Floss’, it deals with getting old – and as The Who guitarist is now 64 it’s a subject he might claim to know something about. The aim is to get thi s ready for a live premiere in 2011, with performances to be planned in arenas and also outdoors. Some of the songs might also turn up on the next Who album.

Short Cuts……. Deep Purple release a live compilation next month on Purple Records. Called Space Truckin’ Round The World Live 68-76, this marks the tenth anniversary of the label. The double CD includes all four line-ups of the band from that period…. Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton are to play together at the O2 Arena in London on February 13. Tickets go on sale on Monday, September 28 and are limited to a maximum of six per household… Kiss, Genesis, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Stooges are among those nominated for induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame next year. The list will be reduced to five in January, and these will be the artists inducted on March 15 at a ceremony in Manhattan…Steve Vai has been given an honorary doctorate by the Musician’s Institute, which is based in Los Angeles. Vai received his doctorate at the Wiltern Theatre in LA… There’s now a virtual Def Leppard concert lighter available through iTunes. Officially endorsed by the band, this come with what is described as a realistic flame that sways and moves, lighter sound effects and 24 full colour lighter images… Jimmy Page unveils the sketches for two new songs in the upcoming documentary ‘It Might Get Loud’. These are called ‘Embryo 1’ and ‘Embryo 2’. The film, which has opened in New York, brings together Page with fellow guitarists The Edge (U2) and Jack White (White Stripes)… Motley Crue celebrate the 20th anniversary of the ‘Dr. Feelgood’ album by releasing a deluxe edition on September 21. This includes a bonus CD, with demos and live tracks.. There are reports that Van Halen are to tour in 2010. This would once again see David Lee Roth join the Van Halens – ie. Eddie, Alex and Wolfgang… Fancy winning the Aerosmith lottery? There are now special Aeromsith scratch cards, as part of the Rhode Island lottery. This is all due to a deal signed by the band with lottery company GTECH, which allows the latter to see the band’s brand for various lottery devices and ideas…In one of the more bizarre acts of his career, Faith No More frontman Mike Patton attempted to swallow a two-foot long shoelace during the band’s performance at the Sziget Festival in Budapest. This came from a shoe thrown onstage. he got it halfway down his throat, before spitting it out… Genesis release a five-disc DVD set at the end of November. It’s called ‘The Movie Box’, and features only Phil Collins era footage… Queen have done a unique deal with Logitech. This means people who have the company’s Squeezebox Radio Wi-Fi Player can exclusively listen to the band’s upcoming Absolute Greatest compilation right now. Finally……Fancy seeing and hearing what it might be like for The Beatles to sing songs by the Rolling Stones and Rammstein? Check this out: .

Seen & Heard-Live in Concert

Jack Hammer

Sunday October 18th: Bart’s in Somerset West with special guests Akkedis

Boulevard Blues Band


23rd Fogey`s, Muizenberg

24th Flaming Fox

25th Bertie`s Mooring, Gordon`s Bay

31st Die Boer, Durbanville


1st Quay 4,Waterfront

6th Bloemendal Winehouse

7th Springbok Blues Bar, The Strand

8th Bertie`s Mooring, Gordon`s Bay

22nd Bertie`s Mooring, Gordon`s Bay

28th Table Mountain Blues Summit

Happy Birthday and may you always rock !

October 1
Scott McKenzie – 1939
Jerry Martini – Sly & The Family Stone – 1943

October 2
Don McLean – 1945
Mike Rutherford – Genesis – 1950
Sting – 1951

October 3
Chubby Checker – 1941
Lindsey Buckingham – Fleetwood Mac – 1949
Tommy Lee – Motley Crue – 1962

October 4
Jim Fielder – Blood, Sweat & Tears; Buffalo Springfield – 1947

October 5
Brian Johnson – AC/DC – 1947
Steve Miller – Steve Miller Band – 1943
Bob Geldof – Boomtown Rats – 1951
Brian Connolly – Sweet – 1945

October 6
Kevin Cronin – REO Speedwagon – 1951

October 13
Paul Simon – 1941
Sammy Hagar – Van Halen – 1947
Robert Lamm – Chicago – 1944

October 14
Justin Hayward – Moody Blues – 1946
Cliff Richard – 1940

October 16
Bob Weir – Grateful Dead – 1947
C.F. Turner – Bachman Turner Overdrive – 1943

October 17
Gary Puckett – Union Gap – 1942
Jim Seals – Seals & Crofts – 1941

October 18
Chuck Berry – 1926
Keith Knudsen – Doobie Brothers – 1949
Gary Richrath- REO Speedwagon – 1949
Laura Nyro – 1947

October 20
Tom Petty – 1950

October 21
Steve Lukather – Toto – 1957
Manfred Mann – Earth Band – 1940
Elvin Bishop – 1942
Lee Loughnane – Chicago – 1946

October 22
Bobby Fuller – Bobby Fuller Four – 1942
Leslie West – Mountain – 1945
Eddie Brigati – Young Rascals – 1946

October 24
Bill Wyman – Rolling Stones – 1936

October 25
Jon Anderson – Yes – 1944
Glenn Tipton – Judas Priest – 1948

October 27
Simon LeBon – Duran Duran – 1958

October 28
Charlie Daniels – 1936
Wayne Fontana – The Mindbenders – 1945

October 29
Peter Green – Fleetwood Mac – 1946
Denny Laine – Wings; Moody Blues – 1944

October 30
Grace Slick – Jefferson Airplane – 1939
Chris Slade – Uriah Heep, AC/DC – 1946
Timothy B. Schmit – Eagles – 1947

October 31
Larry Mullen – U2 – 1961
Russ Ballard – Argent – 1947

November 1
Keith Emerson – Emerson Lake and Palmer – 1944
Rick Grech – Blind Faith, Traffic – 1945 – 1990

November 2
Dave Pegg – Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention – 1947
J.D. Souther – Souther Hillman Furay Band – 1946

November 9
Joe Bouchard – Blue Öyster Cult – 1948
Tom Fogerty – Creedence Clearwater Revival – 1941-1990
Alan Gratzer – REO Speedwagon – 1948

November 10
Greg Lake – Emerson Lake and Palmer – 1947
Ronnie Hammond – Atlanta Rhythm Section – 1950

November 11
Chris Dreja – The Yardbirds – 1945
Vince Martell – Vanilla Fudge – 1945

November 12
Neil Young – 1945
Buck Dharma – Blue Öyster Cult – 1947
November 13
Roger Steen – The Tubes – 1949

November 14
James Young – Styx – 1949

November 15
Steve Fossen – Heart – 1949

November 17
Gene Clark – Byrds – 1944 – 1991
Martin Barre – Jethro Tull – 1946

November 18
Graham Parker – 1950
John McFee – Doobie Brothers – 1953

November 19
Ray Collins – Mothers of Invention – 1937
Fred Lipsius – Blood Sweat & Tears – 1943

November 20
George Grantham – Poco – 1947
Duane Allman – Allman Brothers – 1946 – 1971
Joe Walsh – Eagles- 1947

November 21
Lonnie Jordan – War – 1948
Gary Pihl – Boston

November 22
Little Steven Van Zandt – E Street Band – 1950
Rod Price – Foghat – 1947 – 2005

November 23
Bruce Hornsby – 1954

November 24
Pete Best – Beatles- 1941

November 25
Roy Lynes – Status Quo – 1953
Bev Bevan – Electric Light Orchestra – 1946

November 26
John McVie – Fleetwood Mac – 1945
Tina Turner – 1939

November 27
Jimi Hendrix – 1942 – 1970
November 28
Beeb Birtles – Little River Band – 1948

November 29
John Mayall – Bluesbreakers – 1933
Denny Doherty – Mamas and the Papas – 1940
Felix Cavaliere – The Rascals – 1944 Ronnie Montrose – 1947
Barry Goudreau – Boston – 1954

November 30
Dick Clark – 1929
George McArdle – Little River Band – 1954
Leo Lyons – Ten Years After – 1944
Roger Glover – Deep Purple – 1945
Billy Idol – 1955

Courtesy of About ClassicRock

Yours in rock …

Benjy Mudie

Rock Of Ages

Playlist – 1st October 2009

Artist Track Album Label Year
AC/DC Girls got rhythm Highway to hell Epic Records/Sony Music 1979
The Who The Seeker The Ultimate Who Universal Music 1970
Cactus Long Tall Sally One way …or another Rhino Records 1971
Yes Long distance runaround Fragile Atlantic Records/Gallo Music 1972
Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes Renegade Call of the wild Discreet Records 1974
Black Sabbath Behind the wall of sleep Black Sabbath Castle Music 1970
Street Sweeper Social Club Fight! Smash! Win! Street Sweeper Social Club Classic Rock 2009
Collective Soul My days Collective Soul Roadrunner Records/DGR 2009
Porcupine Tree Times flies (edit) The Incident Roadrunner Records/DGR 2009
Jack Bruce & Robin Trower The last door Guitarmaggedon Volume 2 Classic Rock 2009
Terrorvision Discotheque wreck How to make friends and influence… EMI Records 1994
The Stooges Loose Fun House Elektra Records/Rhino Records 1970
The Tea Party The Bazaar Tangents EMI Records 2000
Tribe After Tribe Eloise Enchanted Entrance Noise Factor Records 2002
Velvet Revolver I fall to pieces Contraband Sony Music 2004
The Allman Brothers Hot `Lanta At the Fillmore East Capricorn Records 1971
The Faces Bad `n` ruin Good boys when they`re asleep Warner Bros/Rhino Records 1971
The Doobie Brothers Road angel What were once vices are now habits Warner Bros/Gallo Music 1974
Foreigner Dirty white boy Head Games Atlantic Records/Gallo Music 1979
The Cult She sells sanctuary Pure Cult Just Music 1985
Rammstein Ich Will Mutter Universal Music 2001
Metallica Battery Master of puppets Vertigo Records 1986
Deep Purple Child in time Made in Japan EMI Records 1972
Rory Gallagher Calling card BBC Sessions RCA Records/Sony Music 1977
Rush By-Tor and the Snow Dog Fly by night Universal Music 1975
Camel Rhayader goes to town The Snow Goose Decca Records / Universal Music 1975
King Crimson Epitaph The Court of the Crimson King Island Records 1969
Sieges Even Leftovers Paramount SPV/Inside Out Records 2007
The Fabulous Thunderbirds Tuff enuff Hot Stuff Epic Records/Sony Music 1986
Paul Rodgers Louisiana Blues Muddy Water Blues Victory Music 1993
Gary Moore Did you ever feel lonely? Bad for you baby Next Music 2008
Beth Hart Band Am I the one Immortal Atlantic Records/Gallo Music 1996
Robert Plant Darkness, Darkness Sixty Six to Timbuktu Universal Music 2003